Biden administration announces new program to reduce roadway fatalities

The administration said it will issue construction and planning grants to more than 500 communities while spotlighting the places where dangers are the worst.

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On Wednesday the Department of Transportation announced an initiative to fight back against one of the United States most prominent transportation problems, roadway fatalities. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the rate of roadway fatalities in the U.S. has increased significantly. In response, federal transportation officials announced that they will be issuing construction and planning grants to specific municipalities around the country where there has been a significant risk level identified. The decisions regarding where funding will be sent is being aided by 2020 data suggesting inequities in where fatal crashes most often occur. 

It is a great sign that the federal government sees reducing roadway fatalities across the country as a priority. To create our ideal transportation system, ensuring our roadways are safe for all users is crucial. As a result it is important to acknowledge that aside from differences in geographic location playing a role in fatality rates, mode of transit also plays a significant role. Over the past decade crashes killing pedestrians have increased by nearly 50% while the increase in all other crashes has increased by only about 5%. If the government is serious about reducing roadway fatalities it should focus on protecting our most vulnerable roadway users. To learn more about how to make our roads safer for drivers and pedestrians visit our blog

Ryan Giunta

Former Transform Transportation, Associate, PIRG

Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG


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