Right To Repair

American dealer lobbyists oppose Canadian Right to Repair bill

The North American Equipment Dealer Association rolled out some of the same questionable arguments used against agricultural Right to Repair bills in the U.S.

Canada's Parliament Building in Ottawa.

People around the world just want to fix their stuff. This is true of our neighbors to the north—Canadian MPs are actively considering a bill very similar to the bipartisan Freedom to Repair Act currently before Congress.

Where there is Right to Repair legislation, there are agricultural equipment manufacturer and dealer lobbyists to oppose it. The same lobbyists who have opposed state and federal bills in the U.S. traveled to Ottawa to speak against C-244.

Representatives from the North American Equipment Dealers Association rolled out some of the same questionable arguments we have heard stateside: that Right to Repair would enable illegal modification (it won’t), and lead to environmental violations (self-repair is actually required by US environmental law).

Canadian bill C-244 is currently undergoing committee study, after which it will be referred to the floor of the House of Commons. It will continue on to the Canadian Senate if it passes.


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