This Utah based business is helping local food companies reduce food waste

Using an online platform, extrabites is tackling food waste and feeding people at the same time by connecting food producers with consumers.

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extrabites, a Utah based online marketplace, is taking steps to help local businesses reduce food waste and feed hungry people. This marketplace redistributes food that would otherwise be wasted by connecting restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores to consumers. It can be hard for businesses to guess how much food they should prepare for a fluctuating customer base, so it is almost inevitable to have some leftover food at the end of the day. Often this food just goes to waste, but CEO and co-founder Luccin Ifote saw an opportunity to address food waste and hunger at the same time. 

extrabites’ business model allows partnered businesses to sell their leftover food at a discounted price on the extrabites online platform. Consumers can then sign up to get a text notification when leftover food is available, and can purchase it and pick it up. 

This benefits the local community in numerous ways. Over the past few months, extrabites has helped businesses cut down on 2,000 pounds of organic waste, diverting it from the landfill and reducing the climate impact of the community. Meanwhile, businesses are able to recoup costs on food that would otherwise be wasted, and consumers get the opportunity to support local businesses and to purchase good quality food at a great price.

Business models like this demonstrate just how impactful local efforts can be. extrabites is also another example of how technology can be an important part of the solutions to both food waste and hunger. 

Not in Utah but interested in being part of the food waste solution while also saving some money on food? Apps such as Too Good To Go can connect you to available food in your area.

Orion Goodemote

Food Waste Intern, PIRG

Danielle Melgar

Former Food & Agriculture, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund


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