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28 states file Right to Repair legislation and other repair updates

More states than ever consider Right to Repair, three new reports outline the need for pro-repair reforms

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With a bill introduced in North Carolina this week, a total of 28 states have filed legislation so far in 2023, the largest number yet. 

The full run-down of Right to Repair bills filed as of April 19: 

  1. AK – SB 112 – covers everything but cars.
  2. CA – SB 244 – covers consumer devices and has passed its first committee, and SB 271 which covers powered wheelchairs.
  3. CO – HB1011 – covers farm equipment, has passed both chambers and is with the governor.
  4. CT – HB 5755 / HB 6083 – which cover powered wheelchairs, and of which 6083 has pass its first committee, and H.B. 6512 which covers consumer electronics.
  5. DE – HB41 – covers everything except cars, has cleared committee.
  6. FL – HB 533 / SB 422 – which cover farm equipment, of which the Senate bill passed through committee.
  7. GA – SB 243 – covers all products.
  8. HI – HB53 / HB 1287 – cover all products except cars, SB 1172 – covers medical devices; SB 1105 and HB 645 – covers all products except heavy equipment and medical devices $100,000.
  9. IA – HF 587 – covers all products.
  10. IL – HB 3602 – covers powered wheelchairs, HB 3593 – covers all products except medical devices and cars, and HB 3601 – covers laptops and tablets used by school districts.
  11. MA – H 360 / S 142 – covers mobile devices.
  12. ME – SB 1487 – covers everything but cars.
  13. MD – HB 712 – covers farm equipment, was withdrawn. HB 1193 – requires access to repair data from cars.
  14. MO – SB 554 / HB 217 – cover everything but cars of which the Senate bill passed committee, HB 698 – covers farm equipment.
  15. MN – HF 1337 – covers everything but cars and medical devices, SF 1598 overs everything but cars, medical devices ag and heavy equipment. Both cleared all relevant committees.
  16. MT – HB 475 / SB 347 – cover farm equipment, HB 195 – covers powered wheelchairs.
  17. NC – H752 – covers medical devices.  
  18. NH – HB73 – covers home appliances.
  19. NJ – AB 1538 – covers everything but cars, AB 3612 – covers farm equipment and lawn mowers.
  20. OH – SB 273 – covers everything except cars, farm and forestry equipment and medical equipment.
  21. OK – SB869 – covers consumer devices.
  22. OR – SB542 – covers personal electronics / consumer devices, and has passed relevant committee.
  23. SD – SB 194 covers all but medical, excluded cars.
  24. TN – SB0077 – covers powered wheelchairs.
  25. TX – HB 515 / SB 1654 cover farm and heavy equipment, HB 1606 – covers everything but cars.
  26. WA – SB5464 / HB1392 – cover laptops, tablets and cell phones. Passed House.
  27. WV – HB 3384 . SB 738 – cover farm equipment, passed the Senate.
  28. VT – H. 81 – covers farm equipment and has passed its first committee, and H. 79 / S. 46 – covers all equipment but cars and medical devices.

Check out our campaign homepage to see any updates to this list.

Colorado farmers celebrate landmark win 

On April 11, the Colorado Legislature passed the Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment Act (HB23-1011). This is the first time a governor will have the chance to sign a farm equipment Right to Repair. If signed, and indications are that it will be, this legislation will require John Deere and other farm equipment manufacturers to share access to what farmers and independent shops need to fix tractors, combines and other farm equipment. 

Over the last five years, our research has demonstrated how modern tractors are engineered to thwart independent repair, why farmers broadly support Right to Repair and how dealership consolidation further erodes farmers’ repair choices. Working with National Farmers Union, Repair.org, local farm advocates and other allies, we also built a committed core of allies capable of pushing this reform forward, despite intense opposition from the agricultural equipment industry. 

Billions of savings from repair outlined in two new reports 

Two new reports from U.S. PIRG Education Fund show how important Right to Repair is for our pocketbooks. Released last week, “Repair Saves Families Big” finds repair could save Americans a total of $49.6 billion annually. 

Meanwhile, “Out to Pasture” calculated how much repair restrictions cost farmers in both downtime and much higher dealership repair costs. We estimated that Right to Repair reforms would save U.S. farmers $4.2 billion per year by providing farmers with independent repair options.

Chromebook repair and software expiration dates examined in new report

The pandemic pushed schools to provide every student with their own device, often turning to Chromebooks. A laptop for every student is likely here to stay, but now this new tech is failing. Schools have started complaining about thousands of software expired laptops they had to replace because of an arbitrary software end of life. Our new report, “The Chromebook Churn” explores how this happened, and how Google can fix it. 

Since we published this update, Google has committed to extend the life of Chromebooks! Learn more about the victory here.

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

Right to repair

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

It's harder than it should be to fix our stuff. Manufacturers of every electronic product from toasters to tractors create barriers that stymie repair from owners or independent repair businesses. It's fueling a rise in electronic waste, the loss of independent repair businesses -- and ultimately more cost and more waste for consumers.

FTC: I support Right to Repair

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