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PIRG-backed coalition announces key priorities to address rising hospital prices

Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing
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As is often said, it takes a village… That’s why PIRG joined with other nonprofits to form the Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing coalition to call on Congress to pass a pro-consumer health agenda. The coalition is focused on improving hospital care by making it more affordable, higher quality, more transparent, and more consumer-friendly. As groups representing families, individuals, and health care consumers, we are asking Congress to put laws in place that stem the growing cost of health care everyone is facing.  

PIRG’s high value health care campaign includes stemming the abusive pricing actions of large health care corporations and pharmaceutical companies. High hospital prices are one of the worst culprits behind the growing costs of health insurance and one reason we pay so much in co-insurance and deductibles. 

We announced our new coalition in September 2023. And today, we released a document outlining our federal legislative priorities – policy solutions that we all agree are critical to ensuring that everyone can get the high-quality care they deserve at a price they can afford.

 Along with PIRG, the coalition’s member organizations are Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Families USA, Health Access California, Pennsylvania Health Access Network, and Public Citizen. And we expect more groups to join our efforts. We’re focused on solutions to end hospital price-gouging, fix health care market failures, and increase transparency. We’ll do this by working to pass critical reforms such as strengthening the Hospital Price Transparency rule, enacting comprehensive site neutral payments and honest billing reforms, and ending anti-competitive contracting practices.  

If you’ve had a bad experience with a medicall bill, let us know here.

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