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Voices for Sustainable Fashion

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Voices for Sustainable Fashion

This collection showcases the stories of people who are committed to making the fashion industry better for people and for the environment.

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When I envision a sustainable fashion future I really see it being a collaborative ecosystem where brands, designers, activists, and leaders are coming together to design new systems (not just new clothes). Amanda Lapham, Co-Founder of Wolven & Creative Designer, California
I hope to see waste in the fashion industry continue to dwindle. Circularity is paramount for Everywhere and for ensuring a sustainable future on this planet. Irys Placida Kornbluth, COO of Everywhere Apparel, California
I’m really excited about what we can do in Washington because we can move in a direction that’s good for people, good for the environment, and good for the economy all at the same time. Sharlett Mena, Washington State Representative, District 29
Through calling on companies to change their practices, I hope for an industry that is never inherently unsustainable to shop from. Prissila Moreno, OSPIRG Vice Chair, OSPIRG Waste is out of Fashion campaign coordinator at the University of Oregon
Through community and radical collaboration I believe that we can advocate for a better fashion system that both puts workers at the center and operates within our finite planetary boundaries. Alexa Roccanova, Senior Advocacy Manager with Remake, New York

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