How to refund concert tickets, prevent ID theft during COVID-19

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TexPIRG Education fund releases additional guides to help people navigate the crisis

TexPIRG Education Fund

AUSTIN– In the midst of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, American consumers are experiencing numerous public health and financial challenges, including virus-related scams, fake products promising cures and price gouging. To help address concerns as they arise, TexPIRG Education Fund is publishing new tip guides each week to help people navigate this crisis.

This week’s consumer tip guides

Refunding event tickets: With countless concerts, sporting events, festivals, tours and other large gatherings canceled or likely to be canceled this summer, people are wondering if and how they can get their money back that they already spent on tickets. Will you receive a refund, a new ticket when the event is rescheduled, or neither? This guide walks through steps you can take to find out where your money is and whether you can receive a refund.

How to protect against identity theft and fraud: Identity theft and fraud are always a major concern for Americans, but the pandemic brings its own challenges to the table. Data breaches continue to occur, including the one affecting nearly 8,000 business owners who applied for emergency loans. Additionally, there are ongoing reported stories about stimulus check and unemployment benefits fraud. Depending on what information is exposed or taken in a data breach, people could be vulnerable to many different types of identity theft and fraud. PIRG’s guide lists the different types of fraud to watch out for, steps Americans can take to protect themselves, and whether or not their information was compromised in high profile breaches.

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