Beyond plastic

Thank you for taking action to urge Whole Foods to get wasteful plastic packaging off its shelves!

We’ll deliver your signature to Whole Foods CEO Jason Buechel, but we aren’t stopping there.

We’re working on multiple fronts to protect our communities, our environment and our health by reducing plastic waste and pollution. But we need to do more and we can’t do it without the support of people like you.

Here’s how we’re already turning the tide on the plastic waste crisis:

  • After PIRG and our national coalition sent 138,000 petition signatures to Amazon, it announced plans to phase out padded plastic shipping envelopes in favor of recyclable alternatives.
  • One in three Americans now lives in a state with a ban on at least one of the worst kinds of single-use plastics.
  • We delivered over 80,000 petitions to Costco — and now the company has committed to initial steps to cut its plastic packaging waste.

But we need to do more if we’re going to move beyond plastic, and we’re up against intense opposition. Our work is fueled by grassroots support — we don’t take a penny from corporations.

Will you donate today to help power our next victory in the fight against plastic pollution?