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Tell the FTC: Stop TikTok, Facebook and other companies from selling our personal data

A young boy holding a tablet is bathed in green light.
PxHere, CC0 | Public Domain
Technology is a big part of our children's lives - but it can put them and their data at risk.

Companies like data brokers gather huge amounts of data on Americans – like every website we visit, purchase we make, and web search we conduct. There’s a huge market for our personal data and companies sell what they know about us to advertisers – and anyone else looking to buy.

There are no real rules regulating the collecting, buying and selling of Americans’ data, leaving us vulnerable to identity thieves, hackers, scammers and manipulative advertisers. Every minute we delay is another minute our data is at risk. The FTC should act and write a strong data minimization rule in order to stop companies from collecting unnecessary data about us and using it however they like.


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