Beyond plastic

Tell the Federal Government to Reduce the Amount of Single-Use Plastic It Purchases

Pxhere | Public Domain

Document ID GSA-GSAR-2022-0014-0026

Every 15.5 hours, Americans throw out enough plastic to fill the largest NFL stadium in the country, and the pile grows larger every year.

The U.S. government is the biggest purchaser of consumer goods and services in the world, spending $650 billion per year. The goods it purchases include a mountain of plastic products — the single-use plastic bags, utensils, straws, bottles, packaging and other plastic products purchased for use in government buildings and at official events.

Our country needs to do everything it can to reduce our consumption of plastic — and especially the single-use plastics that we just don’t need.

We the undersigned urge you to adopt the proposal to reduce the amount of plastic the GSA purchases for the federal government.