Toxic threats

Tell the EPA: Chlorpyrifos is still too dangerous to use

Tractor spraying pesticides on vegetable field with sprayer at spring
Fotokostic |
The pesticides sprayed on our farms threaten the health of our ecosystems and communities.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan,

The science has been clear for years: Chlorpyrifos is too dangerous to allow it anywhere near the food we eat.

Chlorpyrifos is so risky that it was banned for household use decades ago. When it’s sprayed by farmers on citrus trees, apple orchards, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and much more, traces of the pesticide end up in the meals our families eat.

EPA research revealed that children can ingest up to 140 times the safety limit of chlorpyrifos in their lifetimes. Exposure has been linked to neurological damage and developmental problems.

I strongly urge you to stick to the science and protect kids’ health by reinstating a full ban on chlorpyrifos.