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Tell Sysco to cut out single-use plastic packaging from its operations

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Sysco CEO Kevin Hourican:

Most plastic packaging, such as the kind used by Sysco and other major food distributors, is used once and then tossed. The vast majority of all this “stuff” sticks around for centuries in landfills, in our oceans and in our communities.

If we’re going to meaningfully address this problem, we need to stop using so much unnecessary, throwaway plastic in the first place. And Sysco, as the world’s largest food distributor, can lead the way. A commitment to meaningfully reduce your company’s plastic footprint would both make a major impact on the plastic waste crisis right now, and set the stage for other companies to do the same in the future.

Ninety-two percent of Sysco shareholders just voted for the company to substantially reduce its plastic packaging and be more transparent about the materials it uses. We, the undersigned, agree. Please act quickly to cut out single-use plastic packaging from your operations.


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