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Junk fees: They pop up all of the time; here's what to know
Don't like your purchase data shared with data brokers? Here's what to do.
Counterfeit tickets: High demand and technology are helping con artists rip off music and sports fans
Resolutions to make your wallet fatter and your information safer -- in the New Year or anytime
Funeral home prices: Here’s what you should understand about price disclosure requirements
Buy Now, Pay Later plans: How to avoid the gotchas, interest and fees that often come with these “deals”
One way to avoid higher medical bills - You probably should not sign the “Surprise Billing Protection Form”
How to make sure your credit reports don't include paid medical debt now that the rules changed in 2022
Flyers' rights: When your air travel plans go awry, here's a guide your rights
Can't get a refund from your airline? Airlines aren't allowed to require a voucher, no matter why the flight is canceled
Getting ready to buy or lease a vehicle? Complaints to regulators about auto lending and leasing have increased.
Smart money, smart kids: It’s never too early to teach children and young adults how navigate the real world.
Little secrets to easily freeze your credit files -- step-by-step tips to accomplish this by phone or online
Expecting a regular tax refund or some other kind of windfall? Here are tips on how to make plans and avoid scams.
In the path of a hurricane? Here are tips to protect yourself, your home and your finances.
A bad deal: Why you don't want medical credit cards

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How to detect fraudulent texts, robocalls and emails
How not to become a victim of fraud/identity theft
Texts impersonating banks, delivery operations and employers torment consumers
Oh, those dreaded robocalls and robotexts
Our consumer team offers ways to keep your money and information safe
Watch out for ticket sellers who want to steal your money or information

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A guide to you rights with airline travel
Advice before you plan your next trip by air
If your airline cancels your flight for any reason, you're entitled to a full refund - if you want it
That beach house or hotel on the beach may not even exist
How to protect yourself from a predatory tow
Here's an overview of your rights, and what to do if they're violated

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When information about all of your purchases is sold to data brokers, It doesn't benefit you
What to look for in the fine print when buying a high-tech toy for your kid
Your phone and online data are often collected, sold and shared with tons of companies
Apps and websites often use our information in ways that help a company - not us
Here are some ways you can be nice to the Earth AND protect your own information and wallet
More ways to keep your money and information safe
Do you know what Instagram has collected about you?

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Some tips to help you grocery shop
There are nearly 300 food recalls every year. Here are ways to learn about them quickly.
Planning ahead can help you on shopping for family gatherings | CC-BY-4.0


You probably should not sign the “Surprise Billing Protection Form”
You can get hit with big bills when, through no fault of your own, you are treated by providers outside of your insurance network.
Here's advice before your next medical visit
The big three credit bureaus pledged to start changing how they report medical debt as of July 2022
Why medical credit cards can be a nightmare

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It's quick and easy to freeze your credit files with the three major credit bureaus
Equifax, Experian and Transunion last year vowed to change reporting past due medical bills

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Porch pirates often stalk neighborhoods to steal deliverie
Knockoff or counterfeit products can be dangerous and a waste of money
You shop and pay with your card. Then your info is shared with data brokers. Here's what to do.
Complaints to regulators about auto lending and leasing have increased
Smart toys can collect a lot of data about kids -- information you really don't want shared
At the checkout or online, watch out for those junk fees
Buy Now, Pay Later plans: How to avoid the gotchas, interest and fees that often come with these “deals”
Fake reviews on websites can lead to bad shopping decisions

Ambulance moving fast on a city street
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Patients are at risk of a surprise medical bill when they use an ambulance in an emergency


If not operated properly, portable generators are extremely dangerous to people and pets
Ahead of a hurricane, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself
Toys may not be safe if they've been recalled, they're counterfeit or contain loose parts
Space heaters can kill if used improperly or if they don't meet safety standards

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Teaching young people to "adult"
Checking account 101
The proper way to write a check, step by step
What to know about credit cards, paying them and avoiding interest
Getting that first credit card




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