Patients will be getting price estimates for health services, but when?

PIRG filed comments urging need for advance notice of costs for patients scheduling care.

Patients deserve to know the prices of their health care in advance of treatment.

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Medical bills are confusing and patients often have no idea of what to expect for their financial costs for treatment, even when scheduled in advance. New requirements will change all that, allowing insured patients to have a written estimate of what their planned care will cost. But those rules are only in the early stages and PIRG filed comments, pushing back against hospitals and doctors who are trying to delay of implementation and enforcement.


Patricia Kelmar

Senior Director, Health Care Campaigns, PIRG

Patricia directs the health care campaign work for U.S. PIRG and provides support to our state offices for state-based health initiatives. Her prior roles include senior director of health policy with the National Consumers League, senior policy advisor at NJ Health Care Quality Institute, and consumer advocate at NJPIRG. She serves on the board of the Patient and Caregiver Engagement Advisory Group for the National Quality Forum. Patricia enjoys walks along the Potomac and sharing her love of books with her friends and family around the world.

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