Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

Tony Dutzik is associate director and senior policy analyst with Frontier Group. His research and ideas on climate, energy and transportation policy have helped shape public policy debates across the U.S. and have earned coverage in outlets from National Public Radio to The New York Times and the Financial Times.

Prior to joining Frontier Group in 2001, Tony worked as an education reporter for the Eagle-Tribune newspaper of Lawrence, Mass., and as a political writer and organizer. Tony holds a Master’s degree in print journalism from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science in public service from Penn State University. A native of Pittsburgh, he now lives and works in Boston.

Notable reports authored by Tony include Electric Fleets for Arizona (2022), A New Way Forward (2016), and 50 Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transportation (2016).

Posts by Tony Dutzik
Call “time out” on highway boondoggles

Call “time out” on highway boondoggles

Given the recent steep drop in highway traffic, and associated lost gas tax revenues, some federal aid to state transportation agencies seems likely. But the emergency caused by COVID-19 should not lead us to rush to complete the build-out of highway projects that were bad ideas in the first place – much less fuel a new round of wasteful highway construction under the guise of “stimulus.”

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This Earth Day, put our planet over plastic

We are working to move our country beyond plastic — and we need your help. Will you make a gift in honor of Earth Day to help us keep making progress?