Lucas Gutterman


Director, Designed to Last Campaign, PIRG

Started on staff: 2016
B.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lucas leads PIRG’s Designed to Last campaign, fighting against obsolescence and e-waste and winning concrete policy changes that extend electronic consumer product lifespans and hold manufacturers accountable for forcing upgrades or disposal. He got his start as a PIRG student volunteer and organizing director where he helped register thousands of voters and win zero waste campaigns to stop plastic pollution. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his partner, where he enjoys perfecting his espresso recipe.


Posts by Lucas Gutterman
What’s Apple’s stance on Right to Repair?

Right to repair

What’s Apple’s stance on Right to Repair?

In a surprising turn of events, Apple publicly endorsed the Right to Repair bill in the state of California. But what would this really mean for the corporation’s practices and the wider industry?

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