Food & farming

Expired: How date labels drive food waste & hunger

2:30 - 3:30pm EDT


Woman reading food date label in a grocery store
Laura James | Used by permission
Woman reading food date label in a grocery store

About a third of all our food ends up in a landfill. All that waste contributes to unnecessary environmental degradation and hunger. One small fix could have a mighty impact: simplifying and standardizing the date labels on our food to prevent perfectly safe food from ending up in the trash. Join experts to learn about how the Food Date Labeling Act could shrink food waste, expand food donation, and save consumers money, all by fixing those confusing date labels.

Moderator: Katie Marchini, Chief Operating Officer, Replate


  • Tori Oto, J.D., Clinical Fellow & Attorney, Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic
  • Regina (Anderson) Harmon, Executive Director, Food Recovery Network
  • Andrea Collins, Senior Specialist in Sustainable Food Systems, Natural Resources Defense Council