Outside Influence: Out-of-state money in the 2016 senate elections

Control of the United States Senate is at stake in the 2016 elections. Out of 34 senate races nationally, the outcome could be decided by just several swing states and a few key constituencies. But there is another deciding factor in this year’s race for the senate: money.


U.S. PIRG Education Fund

This report paints a clear picture of where money is coming from in senate races from New Hampshire to Nevada and raises serious questions about to whom elected officials are accountable: voters or wealthy special interests from out-of-state?

Report findings show that 77 percent of the disclosed contributions in this year’s 34 senate races came from donors who live outside the state they are targeting. In the case of swing state races and in the case of spending by external groups in particular, this analysis shows that out-of-state money makes up a larger share of campaign spending.