OSPIRG is hiring!

Oregon State Capitol
M.O. Stevens | Public Domain

We’re excited to announce several open positions at OSPIRG. If you want to be a part of a team of hard-working organizers and advocates committed to standing up for Oregonians against powerful special interests, you should apply right away!

OSPIRG’s consumer advocate will lead our work to educate consumers how to protect themselves and their rights, end exploitative practices in the financial marketplace, and advocate for new rules, institutions and policies to defend consumers from the economic and political power of special interests. They will also engage our broad membership base at the local level by organizing neighborhood action teams in different parts of the state.

People living in the United States have access to some of the best medical care in the world, from life-saving drugs, to advanced medical devices, to cutting edge-surgical techniques. But our system is seriously flawed, with costs spiraling out of control leaving many Americans to spend more on care and often receiving worse care than they could get in many other countries. OSPIRG’s health care associate will help build public support for our campaigns to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, pass a public option health plan, and more.


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