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Hawaii lawmakers pass clean lighting bill

Fluorescent lightbulbs contain toxic mercury and use twice the electricity of nontoxic LED bulbs. Hawaii is among the latest states taking action to say farewell to fluorescents.

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Hawaii is among the latest states taking action to phase out the use of mercury-containing lighting. Lawmakers in the Aloha State have sent legislation (HB 192 / SB 690) that phases out the use of lighting containing toxic mercury to Gov. Green’s desk.

If the bills are enacted, Hawaii will join California and Vermont in making lighting more energy efficient and nontoxic. Lawmakers in Colorado also recently passed legislation and sent it to Gov. Polis for his signature. Meanwhile, similar legislation is still under consideration in Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Oregon.

Nationwide, consumers have the potential to save more than 4 billion dollars in cumulative electricity bill savings through 2035 as a result of phasing out fluorescent bulbs in favor of more efficient LEDs. 

“Given the availability of efficient nontoxic options, it’s time to say farewell to fluorescents,” said Johanna Neumann, Senior Director with Environment America. “Once again, states are leading the way to a cleaner greener future.” 

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