Nearly one hundred local businesses and health care professionals sign onto letters supporting a public option for health insurance in Oregon

In a letter to the Governor and the state legislature, health care professionals and small business owners from across the state expressed their concerns about the rising cost of health care.

For small business owners, the cost is often prohibitive and makes them less competitive in recruiting employees. “Over the last nine years, small group premiums have gone up 26%. This makes it increasingly difficult for us to give employees the health coverage they need. If there were better options on the Marketplace, we could point them there instead.”

For health professionals, the crises brought upon by the global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some of the health systems flaws. “COVID-19 has emphasized the need for better options more than ever before…but too many were forced to choose between paying high prices for premiums on the Marketplace or going without health insurance altogether.”

Oregonians deserve high-quality, low-cost care, and these letters demonstrate the support of health professionals and small business owners for a public health insurance option that delivers on those goals.

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