Statement on passage of HB 4005

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Jesse O'Brien

Oregon Legislature passes measure to advance transparency and accountability for prescription drug industry


Statement from Jesse Ellis O’Brien, OSPIRG Policy Director, on passage of House Bill 4005

“House Bill 4005 is an urgently needed measure to create transparency and accountability to help address the rising cost of prescription drugs, and its passage today is a big win for Oregon consumers. In an overwhelming bipartisan vote in both chambers, Oregon lawmakers stood up to the powerful pharmaceutical industry and did the right thing.

“Rising prescription drug costs are a burden on all Oregonians—not just the patients who depend upon expensive specialty drugs—through rising health insurance premiums, rising costs for Oregon businesses and a growing burden on state and federal budgets. In this context, we believe that the very least Oregon consumers deserve is an explanation.

“By requiring drug companies to explain large price hikes, this legislation will create much-needed public accountability for the prescription drug industry, and may help deter some of the most excessive price increases.

“Although HB 4005 by itself is unlikely to be enough to alleviate the burden of skyrocketing drug costs, it is an urgently needed step in the right direction, and we applaud Oregon lawmakers for standing up for consumers.”