A Public Option for Oregon Coalition: Statement on the Passage of Bill to Ease Health Insurance Transitions (HB 4035)

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SALEM – A Public Option for Oregon Coalition today applauded the passage of a bill (HB 4035) by the Oregon Legislature which will ensure Oregonians can continue to access affordable health insurance after the Public Health Emergency ends. The bill will aid Oregon residents that are most at risk of losing health insurance after the federal public health emergency (PHE) concludes, which could happen as soon as April 15 – including by aiding the transition to private health plans and creating a so-called “bridge” health care plan. The coalition stated: 

“A bridge plan is a good first step to providing low-cost, high-quality coverage for all Oregonians. We know that Oregonians at all income levels struggle with health care costs, from premiums and deductibles to medical bills. This development of a bridge plan would provide dependable, affordable coverage that, similar to a public health insurance option, leverages a state’s existing unique infrastructure and health care system. We are especially encouraged that the bridge plan task force has appropriate and diverse representation that includes potential enrollees and a range of affected stakeholders.

“We support HB 4035 and the task force, and we cannot stop there. We hope that this bridge plan remains part of a larger discussion to lower costs for all Oregonians through a public health insurance option. We look forward to engaging with the bridge plan task force and working with the Legislature during the interim in order to bring forward a complementary public option bill in 2023.”

The coalition includes over 15 individual organizations; a diverse group representing health care consumers, providers, community groups, and policy experts. 

HB 4035 now heads to Governor Kate Brown’s desk. Read more about what HB 4035 accomplishes here


OSPIRG is a nonpartisan consumer advocacy organization that works with the Public Option for Oregon Coalition.