Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Show your love this Valentines day by buying less and giving more

If more "stuff" doesn't feel like it expresses how much you care, our Buy Less, Give More guide has lots of ideas to show your love — and a little love for the planet too.

Green living

Homemade valentine cookies

Valentines day is right around the corner. Love is in the air, our hearts are full—and often our homes are too. If our perfect matches are like us, they’ve probably been busy trying to clean out closets and cut clutter, or simply waste less and reuse more. 

When you’re looking for that perfect gift, there are lots of options to show how much you care and create memories that last longer than another oversized teddy bear.

Our PIRG Education Fund consumer, zero waste and right to repair teams put together the Buy Less, Give More guide with 10 ideas for gifts that your loved-ones will definitely use and appreciate, that can make for a fun Valentines day, and show a little love for the environment, too.

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