OSPIRG’s 2022 Legislative Agenda

The 2022 Oregon legislative session is underway. See what OSPIRG is prioritizing to advance the public interest. 

Health care

OSPIRG’s mission is to deliver persistent, results-oriented public interest activism that protects consumers, encourages a fair, sustainable economy, protects public health and fosters responsive, democratic government. For more information about OSPIRG’s 2022 Legislative Agenda, to request our support for a bill, or to ask questions about our position on a specific issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

High Value Health Care

The cost of health care continues to rise in Oregon, consuming more of the resources of consumers, businesses, and the public every year without enough value in return. OSPIRG is pushing for policies that will maintain a competitive marketplace, increase consumer choice, and bring costs under control, including: 

  • (HB 4035) Enacting parts of the state’s implementation plan for a public option, including a transition to a state-based marketplace for health insurance which will lower costs and provide more flexibility to serve Oregonians.  

  • (HB 4083) Decreasing the need for more expensive treatments and reducing the overall cost of care by requiring insurance to cover three no-cost primary care visits and that patients have a primary care provider.

Protecting Consumers

Oregonians deserve fair rules of the road and an even playing field in the marketplace, and Oregon consumers deserve protection from scams and the unbridled power of unscrupulous corporate interests. OSPIRG supports: 

  • (HB 4018) Preventing auto insurance companies from using credit scores to determine rates, a practice that leads to higher insurance rates for low-income Oregonians and those with mistakes on their credit score.

  • (HB 4017) Require data brokers who collect, share, and sell personal information about Oregonians to register with the state.

Democracy for the People

The influence of wealthy special interests in the funding of elections has eroded public trust in our political system and has discouraged civic participation. OSPIRG supports policies that ensure that every citizen, regardless of wealth, has equal opportunity to influence the actions of our government, including:

  • Amplifying the power of small donors at the state and local level by creating a publicly-financed match system.

New Economy

The urgency of problems caused by pursuing  economic growth at all costs is stark and the examples are numerous, ranging from the climate crisis and the mounting problems of unsustainable production practices from plastics to chemical pollution of waterways. As we keep producing and consuming ever-increasing quantities of “stuff,” a growing number of people are asking: How can we do a better job of improving the quality of our lives? OSPIRG supports policies that: 

  • (HB 4093) Begin calculating and tracking Oregon’s Genuine Progress Indicator by measuring how the economy performs each year in producing economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Transparent and Accountable Government

Oregonians have a right to know how government decisions are made and how taxpayer dollars are spent. Ensuring government transparency enables us to hold elected officials accountable and push back more effectively when powerful interests try to game the system. OSPIRG supports:

  • (HB 4115) Requiring the state treasurer to make public portfolio holdings for all assets it manages as well as any climate risk assessments made regarding investments held. 

  • Holding off on adding  to the 500+ public records exemptions until the Oregon Sunshine Committee can finish its work of reviewing current exemptions and making a final recommendation to the legislature.


Charlie Fisher

State Director, OSPIRG

Charlie directs OSPIRG's campaigns to rein in the cost of health care, get big money out of politics and stand up for consumers. In a previous advocacy role with Environment Oregon, Charlie was part of successful efforts to increase Oregon's clean energy commitments and get the state off coal. Charlie's work has earned coverage in the Oregonian and other local and regional news outlets around Oregon. Charlie lives in Portland, Ore., where he enjoys bike rides along the Springwater Corridor and the city's local music and food scenes.

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