EPA moves to strengthen clean water protections

Our water shouldn’t put us at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. Thankfully, stronger federal protections against dangerous water pollutants are on the horizon.

On Sept. 8, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will update its standards for controlling two major sources of water pollution: meat and poultry processing plants, as well as manufacturing facilities that leach toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.” Earlier in 2021, PIRG was part of a nationwide organizing effort to submit nearly 30,000 public comments urging the EPA to act quickly against PFAS contamination.

“Companies have dumped ‘forever chemicals’ into our rivers, even as these toxins have been linked to multiple types of cancer, lower fertility rates, autoimmune diseases and a laundry list of other health problems,” said Danielle Melgar, advocate with PIRG’s toxics campaigns.

“The EPA’s decision to rein in PFAS pollution is a crucial step toward safe drinking water for all.”

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Photo: Clean drinking water is a necessity, and we applaud the EPA’s recent moves to update crucial pollution-regulation standards for our waterways. Credit: Shutterstock


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