Statement on SC Johnson’s skin allergen disclosure announcement

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Dev Gowda

Statement from Dev Gowda, U.S. PIRG Toxics Advocate on SC Johnson’s skin allergen disclosure announcement:

“SC Johnson, the manufacturer behind popular brands like Glade, Pledge, Windex, and more has announced today that it will disclose the presence of 368 fragrance and non-fragrance potential skin allergens that may occur in its products. This is a great move for chemical transparency in consumer products. Consumers have a right to know which chemicals are in the products we use every day, and our cleaning products should be clean! 

“U.S. PIRG is calling on other consumer product giants such as L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble to fully disclose fragrance ingredients in their products, and to remove chemicals of concern. Some chemicals in “fragrance” have been linked to negative health effects like cancer, reproductive and respiratory problems, and allergies.”

You can view SC Johnson’s full statement here.