Energy Conservation & Efficiency

As energy waste goes down, savings go up.

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The amount of energy America is wasting is almost too big to believe. While this waste is largely caused by inefficient, non-renewable energy production systems, how we use energy in our homes, businesses and travels also contribute to our waste problem. 

Reducing energy use creates big savings—not just for us as consumers, but also for our planet, our climate and our health. Reducing energy consumption and transitioning toward more efficient energy sources will lower our energy bills and help to combat climate change. 

We can all pitch in by taking action at home, at work and in their communities. At the same time, we’re advocating for the implementation of strong policies to ensure that we have better and more energy-efficient electric buildings and appliances alongside programs that help save energy.

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

Energy efficiency

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

The Department of Energy has proposed the first meaningful update in over 30 years to efficiency standards for furnaces and boilers.If adopted, these standards will not only lower energy bills for millions of Americans, but they will also reduce the pollution that’s warming our planet.