U.S. PIRG Statement on the introduction of the For the People Act

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Joe Ready

House members introduce package of democracy reform legislation


WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, January 3, House Democratic leaders unveiled a package of democracy reform legislation titled “For the People,” or House Resolution 1 (H.R.1). The package includes proposals to make it easier to vote and participate in our democracy, disclose secret political spending, reform redistricting practices and more. Most importantly, in creating a small donor empowerment system for federal elections, it would help combat the overwhelming influence of big money in point politics.

Statement from Joe Ready, Democracy Campaign Director, U.S. PIRG:

“It’s great to see Congress taking on the critical issue of big money in politics. For too long, large campaign contributions, which only a fraction of the American public can afford to make, have unduly influenced our politics. Big money determines who can run for office, who wins and, once in office, what issues they prioritize.

We know voters from both parties want to enact solutions that put everyday people in the driver’s seat of our democracy. While there is much more work to do, empowering small donors is a step towards rebuilding a responsive, transparent, and honest government where every American can participate and have an equal voice.”

The For the People package is comprised of House legislation including the Automatic Voter Registration Act (H.R. 2876), Voter Empowerment Act (H.R. 12), Redistricting Reform Act (H.R. 1102), the DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 6239), the Honest Ads Act (H.R. 4077), the Government by the People Act (H.R. 20), and more. The Government by the People Act (authored by Rep. Sarbanes) would amplify the voices of small donors by matching small contributions with limited public funds at a six-to-one rate for U.S. House candidates.

“It is important that Congress taking up the mantle of reform, but it’s also worth noting, communities across the country aren’t waiting. Last year alone, voters in Denver, Baltimore, Washington D.C and New York City proved that regular Americans can stand up to big-money politics and win.”


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