U.S. PIRG Statement on the Indictment of Senator Menendez

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Emma Boorboor

Statement of Democracy Advocate Emma Boorboor on the indictment of Senator Menendez on federal corruption charges.


“Senator Menendez’s indictment and the charges of quid pro quo corruption are certainly a blow to our democracy, and reinforces public distrust of our big money-dominated political system. As the case unfolds, it is an important time to remember that the problem runs much deeper than one individual, or even illegal quid-pro-quo corruption.

“Right now, big donors don’t have to break any laws to secure increased access to decision makers and influence policy. Our current campaign finance system allows corporations and a wealthy few to spend unlimited money to influence the political process, drowning out the voices of average Americans.  

“To root out the appearance of corruption and restore Americans’ faith in our democratic system, we need to reclaim our democracy for the people by limiting the flood of big money and amplifying the voice of small donors. The Government by the People Act and Fair Elections Now Act would reduce our elected leaders’ dependence on big money and make them more accountable to the voters who elect them.”

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