U.S. PIRG praises Sen. Sherrod Brown for including unpaid caregivers in the Earned Income Tax Credit

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Evan Preston


Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio proposed a change to the Earned Income Tax Credit today that would allow unpaid caregivers to benefit from this program designed to increase Americans’ economic security.

Evan Preston, U.S. PIRG’s Senior Director of New Economy Campaigns issued the following statement:

“Technological progress means that many jobs that provide the income to support a family are vulnerable to disruption. Moving forward, we need to redefine work and the role it plays in our society. With that in mind, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio has devised a creative way to ensure that Americans can maintain their quality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the nature of work changes.”

“Many people work to earn money mainly to pay someone else to take care of their children or parents. That makes no sense. Why not support families who want to provide care themselves? Investing in hard-working people who provide care for their loved ones is the right thing to do.”

“U.S. PIRG praises Sen. Brown for working with Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and with Rep. Ro Khanna of California to accurately value contributions that are essential for improving American lives, but fall outside the traditional definition of “jobs.”

“Expanding the EITC to include unpaid caregivers acknowledges the new challenges and opportunities we face as the nature of work changes. More people should thrive as improved technology brings greater prosperity. Redefining caregiving as work brings us closer to an economy that prioritizes improving well-being, so that more people can live the American Dream.”