Statement: U.S. PIRG applauds President Biden’s proposed child benefit extension

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Evan Preston

Expanding the Child Tax Credit is a step toward valuing at-home caregiving


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden proposed an extension of the child tax credit tonight as part of his “American Families Plan.” The child benefit will extend the temporary tax credit passed earlier this year, providing $300 per month per child under age six and $250 per month for children over six, to families making up to $150,000 a year. 

Columbia University’s analysis has suggested this benefit, alongside other economic relief included in the spending package, could cut child poverty in the U.S. by half. 

In response, U.S. PIRG’s Director of New Economy Campaigns Evan Preston made the following statement:

“The past year posed intense new challenges for people raising children and highlighted a long-standing gap in policy. There are few more important roles in society than taking care of people but today we incentivize people to do other, less meaningful work so that they can pay other people to take care of their loved ones. It’s about time that Congress corrects a historic failure to fully value the contribution of at-home caregiving.  

“We applaud President Biden’s proposal to invest in the well-being of children and families by extending the temporary expansion of the child tax credit. Several members of Congress have proposed legislation that would move further in this direction by providing support to those who are taking care of people with disabilities and our elders. Rep. Gwen Moore and Sen. Sherrod Brown have proposed extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to all family caregivers. We should celebrate this landmark proposal that will benefit our families and children today, and act on behalf of all caregivers tomorrow.”