Statement: President Biden to issue key executive orders to combat COVID-19

Media Contacts
Matt Wellington

Former Director, Public Health Campaigns, PIRG

Mask mandate and a centrally coordinated effort will save lives


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is set to issue two executive orders Wednesday to combat COVID-19. One will mandate mask-wearing on federal property and by all federal employees. The other will establish a COVID-19 Response Coordinator position. 

For the past year, U.S. PIRG has worked with local officials, health professionals, and economists to call for these life-saving measures. 

In response, Matthew Wellington, U.S. PIRG’s public health campaigns director, released the following statement:

“As tens of thousands of Americans died unnecessarily this year without their families by their side, health professionals and local officials screamed themselves hoarse begging for a centrally coordinated effort to combat COVID-19. President Biden heard them, and he is delivering. 

“Our country’s response to this deadly virus has been plagued by confusion, fragmentation, and the federal government shirking its responsibility. The president’s COVID-19 Response Coordinator will be instrumental in fixing our broken supply chain for tests, personal protective equipment and vaccines. 

“Issuing a federal mask mandate will save lives and it will set the example Americans have desperately needed to see from their leaders. With these initial actions, President Biden will start to steer us out of this mess.”