Statement: Farmers file class action suit against John Deere alleging repair monopolization

Media Contacts
Kevin O'Reilly

Former Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair, PIRG

Restricted access to repair software has cost farmers millions, complaint says


CHICAGO — A class action lawsuit filed by farmers on Wednesday claims that John Deere is illegally monopolizing agricultural equipment repair. The suit alleges that Deere’s implementation of computerized engine control units and refusal to provide farmers and independent mechanics with needed software repair tools have forced farmers to pay millions more for service than they would have in a competitive market. U.S. PIRG’s report, Deere in the Headlights, previously demonstrated how these software tools are necessary to fix modern tractors.

In response, Kevin O’Reilly, U.S. PIRG’s Right to Repair campaign director, issued the following statement: 

“If John Deere continues to lock farmers out of repair, the company may reap what it sows. Deere’s best bet is to embrace Right to Repair wholeheartedly and give farmers everything they need to fix their tractors. Deere’s restrictions violate basic ownership rights, do wrong by farmers and expose the company to legal ramifications. Hopefully this lawsuit—together with state action, pressure from the Biden administration and the FTC’s decision to enforce repair restrictions—gets the message across: It’s time to let farmers fix their stuff.”