STATEMENT: Colorado lawmakers approve broad, nation-leading Right to Repair law

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DENVER  Colorado state lawmakers sent a bill on Tuesday to the governor’s desk that would ensure Coloradans have access to the tools, parts, diagnostics and software they need to fix most electronic products — everything from household appliances, to cell phones and IT equipmentResearch shows that repairing instead of replacing these products when they break could save Coloradans $882 million per year, while reducing e-waste, the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. If Gov. Jared Polis signs the bill as expected, Coloradans will have the broadest repair rights of any Americans.

“Colorado has raised the bar on Right to Repair once more,” said PIRG Right to Repair Campaign Senior Director Nathan Proctor. “Companies used to build things to last, and when they broke, we fixed them. For decades, manufacturers have drifted further and further away from that, restricting repair, and designing short-lived products — while our e-waste problem exploded. It’s unnecessary, it’s expensive, it’s wasteful — which is why the Right to Repair movement continues to make gains.”

This is the third Right to Repair bill Colorado has passed, coming after legislation on agricultural equipment in 2023 and powered wheelchairs in 2022. The latest Colorado legislation builds on successful new laws in OregonNew YorkMinnesota and California. It is just the second state bill that includes language restricting companies from using software locks to restrict repair, a process known as “parts pairing.”

“This bill would give Coloradans the tools they need to fix their broken electronics, saving them money and time on costly repairs,” said state Rep. Brianna Titone, House sponsor of the legislation, as well as previous state bills. “Right to repair laws, like this one, are important for empowering consumers and small businesses, and keeping e-waste out of our landfills. With the signing of this law, Colorado will be the world leader in Right to Repair.”

“We just passed the most comprehensive right to repair bill in the country that Google supports and Apple can comply with,” added state Sen. Jeff Brides the Senate sponsor. “Consumers and businesses will now have the ability to choose who repairs their equipment. Congress should take note.”

With this bill, Colorado is expanding its leadership in addressing the Right to Repair beyond just consumer electronics.  

“A small business, large business, factory or individual can now buy equipment in Colorado from any brand and know they will have competitive options for repair,” added Gay Gordon-Byrne, Executive Director of “Other states can now confidently advance their legislation to do the same.”

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CBS News Colorado covers the Right to Repair hearing in Colorado, where CoPIRG’s Danny Katz (at mic), chief sponsor of the Right to Repair legislation Rep. Brianna Titone (right), Wayne Seltzer of Boulder’s UFixit Clinic all testified for the measure.