Statement: Illinois Data Protection and Privacy Act sets strong standard

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CHICAGO — The Illinois Data Protection and Privacy Act, introduced and sponsored by state Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid, will protect consumers’ privacy by cutting down on the dangerous collection, sharing and sales of personal information to third-party companies.

The bill comes at a moment when many states are considering new or strengthened privacy regulations. Modeled off the bipartisan American Data Protection and Privacy Act introduced in Congress last year, the Illinois Data Protection and Privacy Act is one of the strongest pieces of privacy legislation nationally. It seeks to put meaningful controls in place to regulate the data industry.

“My bill sends a clear message to companies harvesting our data: Enough is enough,” said Rep. Rashid. “Companies’ reckless use of our data causes real problems for real people, and we need to hold those companies accountable.”

The data industry’s widespread harvesting of personal information including demographics, past purchases and browsing and search histories has drawn more attention in recent years. Data brokers and marketers gather, sell and share this information rapidly, often without consumers’ knowledge.

“This bill would legally limit companies to only collecting information they need to deliver the service a consumer is expecting to get, and then only use the data for that purpose,” said R.J. Cross, director of PIRG’s Don’t Sell My Data campaign. This is a straightforward, commonsense solution to the privacy problems consumers face today.”

If passed, the bill would join the Biometric Information Privacy Act to provide some of the strongest privacy protections in the nation to Illinois residents.

“Illinois is already a national leader in privacy, and we are going to continue that legacy by passing a strong data protection law,” said Rep. Rashid.