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MASSPIRG Holds Webinar to Release Report on Gas Leaks and Accidents


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Methane gas—marketed as “natural” gas—has been piped through our communities for heating and cooking for over a century, and, for just as long, has been leaking. Today, Deirdre Cummings from MASSPIRG Education Fund, Ben Hellerstein of Environment Massachusetts, and Frontier Group released a new report that finds from 2010 through nearly the end of 2021, almost 2,600 gas pipeline incidents occurred in the United States that were serious enough to require reporting to the federal government. That’s the equivalent to one every 40 hours. We were joined at the press conference by Randi Soltysiak of Mothers Out Front, Sarah Griffith of Gas Leaks Allies, and Anil Navkal of EnergizeAndover. 

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