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MASSPIRG calls for Bigger, Better Bottle Bill

Massachusetts can be a leader in reducing waste once again by bringing the Bottle Bill into the 21st century

Liam Louis, Elle Vignette Photography | TPIN
MASSPIRG Executive Director Janet Domenitz speaks at a rally at the State House.

Only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled, meaning the vast majority of it is ending up in landfills, incinerators or as litter in our natural spaces.

When Massachusetts tackled the waste and litter problems with the passage of the MASSPIRG-backed Bottle Bill back in 1982, beer and soda bottles and cans were made of glass or aluminum. But times have changed since the ’80s — and the Bottle Bill needs to change with them.

That’s why MASSPIRG is calling on lawmakers to support the Bigger, Better Bottle Bill, which would increase the current 5-cent deposit to 10 cents and — more importantly — update the law to include beverage containers that weren’t around 40 years ago, such as bottled water, sports drinks, iced teas and more.

“We know bottle bills work,” said MASSPIRG Executive Director Janet Domenitz. “In Michigan, which has a 10-cent deposit, 85% of containers get redeemed and recycled. Massachusetts can be a waste reduction leader once again with the Better Bottle Bill.”

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