Going back to the future for Earth Day

This Earth Day, let’s go back to the future and focus on that first word in the mantra: Reduce.

dumptruck on a pile of trash
Jose Angel Aster Rocha Shutterstock | Shutterstock.com
For Earth Day 2023, we want to go back to the future—to reduce waste, we don’t need to invent anything new. We need to reduce first, and then reuse and recycle all the way to zero waste.
See my Earth Day op-ed published today in Commonwealth magazine.
With common sense zero-waste practices, we can move away from our current consumptive economy where products are manufactured, used a few times, and destroyed, to a more circular system. We can create a world where we consume less, reuse more, repair what we have, and recycle what we no longer need. Well before there was Earth Day, my grandmother would say “waste not, want not.” Wise words for Earth Day 2023 and beyond.

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