State lawmakers introduce updated ‘bottle bill’ to Massachusetts Legislature

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BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers in the House and the Senate introduced a bill to the state Legislature on Friday to update the Commonwealth’s container deposit law, also known as the “Bottle Bill.” While these laws are an effective recycling tool, Massachusetts’ bottle bill is over 40 years old, and environmental advocates are pushing to modernize and expand the bedrock recycling law.

The bill  expands the types of containers that are covered by the deposit program and increases the deposit from five to 10 cents, among other reforms.

“Every year, more types of single use beverage containers come on to the market and every year there’s more litter and waste. We need to expand our ‘bottle bill’ law to address our waste crisis.,” said Janet Domenitz, director of MASSPIRG. “We are ready, mobilized and excited to push this campaign to expand the Massachusetts’ bottle bill over the finish line.”

“Plastic pollution is as much a danger to public health as it is to the environment. The bottle bill is one of the most effective tools we have to encourage recycling, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and advocates to update it this session,” commented House chief sponsor Rep. Marjorie Decker.

“The new and improved version of the Better Bottle Bill will ensure that our bottle deposit program is as effective as possible in reducing waste, litter, and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Creem. “A strong grassroots coalition built incredible momentum for the bill during the last legislative session, and I’m excited to work with Representative Decker, MASSPIRG and citizens from across the Commonwealth to pass it into law during the new session.”

For the time being, bills get assigned docket numbers, before their official bill number is assigned: in the House it’s HD 3420, in the Senate it’s SD 2038.

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