Springfield Passes Resolution Opposing Repeal of the Bottle Bill

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In an important demonstration of support for container deposits, the Springfield City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the Massachusetts Bottle Bill on Monday, June 6th.  The resolution notes that “…the bottle redemption system has been successful in eliminating most of the covered beverage containers from the litter that pollutes our streets,” and goes on to oppose “…any reduction in the scope of the bottle redemption system.”  At a time when the big bottlers are in the Legislature pushing a repeal of container deposits, this is a reminder from one of the biggest cities in Massachusetts that the public supports the Bottle Bill.

“We’re grateful to Springfield City Councilor Melvin Edwards, Mayor Domenic Sarno, and the entire Council for making this important statement supporting the Bottle Bill,” said Janet Domenitz, Executive Director of MASSPIRG, a statewide public interest organization.