MASSPIRG Releases Legislative Scorecard

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MASSPIRG Releases Legislative Scorecard

41 State Legislators scored 100%


(Boston) With the conclusion of the 2017-18 legislative session last month, MASSPIRG released their legislative scorecard for the session. Topping the list were 41 Beacon Hill lawmakers with perfect scores.  

MASSPIRG’s scorecard graded state lawmakers on a selection of votes and co-sponsorships of public interest bills that would: protect consumers, improve voter access to the ballot, invest in public transportation, promote government transparency, increase renewable energy, protect bees, and reduce solid waste among others.

“This past session was particularly interesting, as there was action right up to January 1, 2019,” said Legislative Director Deirdre Cummings.  “We both won and lost a few important bills right at the end. The point of this scorecard is to keep a spotlight on both the process and the elected officials’ voting record as the Legislature can be a complicated body to follow.”

Members of the Senate are scored out of 12 points (11 votes and 1 bill co-sponsorship) and the House 9 points (7 votes and 2 bill co-sponsorships).

Perfect 100% scores in the State Senate

Perfect 100% scores in the State House

“In our role as watchdog and advocate for the public interest, we monitor the voting records of Massachusetts’ state lawmakers each legislative session,” said Executive Director Janet Domenitz. “We appreciate the hard work of the entire Legislature, and particularly those that scored 100%.”

“While a number of our legislative priorities passed into law, many more did not. Disappointingly, a number of popular bills were never brought up for a vote – despite being approved by a committee and being cosponsored by a significant number of lawmakers. We hope that the 2019-2020 session brings more transparency, and more wins, for the public interest,” she concluded.

 Click here for the scorecard.