MASSPIRG Calls for Fair Auto Insurance Rates

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Boston—MASSPIRG testified today before the Joint Committee on Financial Services in support of a bill to prohibit insurance companies from using socio-economic factors like credit scores, occupation, education, or proxies for those factors in setting auto insurance premiums. S.461, An Act Banning the Use of Socio-Economic Factors For Insurance Underwriting and Rating of Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance.

“Auto insurance premiums out to be based on ‘how you drive’ not ‘who you are’,” testified Deirdre Cummings, legislative director for MASSPIRG. “How much consumers have to pay for auto insurance should be based primarily on your driving record, and NOT on socio-economic factors like what your credit score is, whether you have a high school diploma or a PhD, or the type of job you have.”

Auto insurance is a critical financial tool without which consumers put their livelihood and well being at risk.