MASSPIRG Calls for Energy Efficiency Program

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MASSPIRG’s Deirdre Cummings
with bill sponsor Rep. Frank Smizik

MASSPIRG’s legislative director, Deirdre Cummings, urged a state legislative committee to adopt a strong energy efficiency program to conserve oil, save money, and protect our health by curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Joining a broad coalition of consumer, health, environmental and faith- based organizations, MASSPIRG called on the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy to pas quickly from their committee “An Act further promoting energy efficiency and green jobs,”   H 2741, filed by Representative Frank Smizik (Brookline).

Massachusetts is a national leader in energy efficiency programs, yet there is still no dedicated funding source to help people who heat their homes and apartments with oil to weatherize buildings and invest in efficient new oil heat systems. Making homes, public buildings and businesses that rely on oil heat more efficient and upgrading old oil heat systems can slash emissions by 30%. Furthermore, every $1.00 invested in energy efficiency pays the customer back more than $7.60 in direct oil heat savings.

It is time to extend the same energy-saving opportunities that natural gas customers have long enjoyed to those who heat with oil. “Oil efficiency saves consumers money, improves our economy by reducing energy costs and increasing jobs, and protects public health by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” concluded Cummings.   

Click here to read the testimony and see list of organizations in the coalition.

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