Local Youth Vote Campaign Launched, Final Push To Get Out The Vote

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In an election cycle filled with talk of every single vote counting, students at MASSPIRG campus chapters around the state launched a final campaign push, employing proven tactics to mobilize young voters to the polls.  Using on-the-ground and on-line strategies, campaign volunteers will reach their peers in classrooms, on computers and campus quads and urge them to cast a ballot.

Between early September and the registration deadline on October 17, MASSPIRG campus chapters along with coalitions of student organizations registered over 9,600 new youth voters for this election. For the several days leading up to election day, the goal is to make over 25,000 voter contacts to get-out-the-vote.


           Election morning, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA                                                                                 

MASSPIRG, the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, is a non-profit, non-partisan public interest organization. Visit us at masspirg.org.

The Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project is one of the largest on the ground, non-partisan young voter mobilization campaigns in the country.  Over the past 25 years, we have helped to register more than 1.7 million young people around the country, and made millions of personal get out the vote reminders.  In 2012, the campaign will target 75 campuses in 17 states with intensive youth vote campaigns that will leverage proven on the ground and online peer-to-peer techniques to turn out young voters.