Broad Coalition Calls For Passage of the Updated Bottle Bill

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Statement from MASSPIRG’s Executive Director, Janet Domenitz


The Updated Bottle Bill (H2943/S1588), the proposal which would add a nickel deposit to beverage containers like water, sports drinks, juices and iced teas, again (round 6/year 12 in the Legislature) drew the support of a wide range of Bay Staters; including Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and the  Environment Rick Sullivan, Boston City Councillor and candidate for mayor John Connolly, League of Women Voters coordinator Lynn Wolbarst, Mass Municipal Association’s Tom Philbin,  Cynthia Mead from Zoo New England, and leaders from Sierra Club, Mass Audubon, South Shore Recycling Cooperative, among others. Representative Jon Hecht, the lead House sponsor of the bill, showed up with 20 colleagues from the House and Senate, representing a total 95 cosponsors, to demonstrate support of the bill.

“This is the single most effective recycling tool in the state, if not the country,” testified MASSPIRG Executive Director Janet Domenitz. “It’s a proven way to reduce litter, increase recycling, and save cities and towns millions in trash pick up and disposal.” Opponents of the bill who testified included representatives of big businesses, bottlers and  waste companies.  Given the decade long wait for the bill to come up for a vote in the state Legislature, proponents of the law have recently launched an initiative petition for the bill, with a goal of qualifying the question for the 2014 ballot.