Induction cooktops get high marks for efficiency, performance and safety

induction stove
Dennis Schroeder, NREL | Public Domain
October 3, 2017 - Home energy saving devices from the 2017 Solar Decathlon in Denver, CO. Induction stove. (Dennis Schroeder/NREL).

LisaZwirn, correspondent with the Boston Globe, outlines a strong case for induction cooktops.  

In addition to providing details about induction and electric cooking, she outlines why induction cook tops get high marks for energy efficiency, performance & safety.

This is especially good news as the alternative, cooking with gas, can produce air pollution levels indoors that would exceed outdoor standards. That means that simply making a meal can release pollutants into our homes that studies have shown lead to the development of asthma, especially in children, and may worsen symptoms for those with preexisting respiratory illnesses. One report compared the effects of using a gas stove around kids to those of second-hand smoke exposure.



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