Make It Toxic-Free

We should be able to trust that the products we put on our bodies are safe, and free of toxic ingredients.

Staff | TPIN

When you shampoo your hair, put on sunscreen or wash your hands, you shouldn’t have to worry that you’re exposing yourself to dangerous toxins. Sadly, the truth is that companies are allowed to put nearly any chemical they want in the personal care products they make — without required government testing or review. 

As a consequence, average consumers suffer unnecessary exposure to dozens of toxic chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems, including cancer. Particularly with personal care products that are applied directly to our skin, that exposure builds up over time and can pose serious threats to our health.

We can’t wait for the government to get serious about protecting us. That’s why we’re calling on the major personal care product manufacturers Unilever, P&G and L’Oréal to disclose their ingredients and replace toxic chemicals that pose a danger to our health.