Have A Consumer Problem?

Need Help in Resolving a Consumer Problem?

Are you having a consumer problem? Disputing a purchase or return of a faulty product? Do you have a problem with a car purchase or repair? Do you need help resolving an issue with your landlord?

We can help –  contact the Director, Jeanne Foy, at 781-335-0280 or by email:[email protected].  

MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center is one of twenty-one Local Consumer Programs working in cooperation with the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General to provide consumer education, referral and mediation services.  Areas of consumer concern typically involve motor vehicle sales and repair, home improvement transactions, mortgage issues, debt collection and credit problems, retail sales and advertising, landlord-tenant disputes, telemarketing complaints, timeshare and health spa issues.  We would be delighted to serve as a consumer resource and are available for one-on-one assistance, public speaking and community resource events.  For help  –  please contact the Director, Jeanne Foy, at 781-335-0280 or by email:[email protected].  


Jeanne Foy

Director, Consumer Action Center, MASSPIRG

Jeanne is the director of MASSPIRG's Consumer Action Center, working in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office to provide consumer information, assistance and referrals. Jeanne was part of a collaborative effort to author and publish CAR SMART: A Consumer's Guide to Buying, Leasing and Repairing a Car in Massachusetts. Jeanne lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her family, where she enjoys reading, cooking and being near the ocean.