PIRG’s Phineas Baxandall to speak at the Harvard Kennedy School

“Transportation and the New Generation: Is the Driving Boom Over?"  Wed, Nov 20 4:30-6:00pm Taubman 401 (HKS)

Kirstie Pecci

“Transportation and the New Generation: Is the Driving Boom Over?” 

Wed, Nov 20 4:30-6:00pm Taubman (79 JFK Street) 401 (HKS)

This Wednesday’s session of PTA(B) features U.S. PIRG Senior Analyst Phineas Baxandall and Frontier Group Senior Policy Analyst Tony Dutzik who will talk about the implications of changing driving trends in the United States. For decades, public officials and transportation planners have assumed that the number of miles driven can go in only one direction–up. Nearly a decade of stagnating vehicle travel in the U.S., the arrival of a Millennial generation more open to urban and car-light lifestyles, and an explosion of new technology-enabled transportation choices are forcing a reexamination of this assumption. Is this an opportunity to rethink our transportation priorities in fundamental ways? 

Phineas was Assistant Director at the Kennedy School’s Taubman Center and Rappaport Institute before joining U.S. PIRG Education Fund in 2006. He taught political economy for eight years at Harvard’s Social Studies program.

Tony has spent the past 12 years as a policy analyst with Frontier Group, a non-profit multi-issue policy think tank, where he has written extensively on transportation, energy, global warming and other issues.
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Also, two follow-ups to prior sessions:1. For those who want to follow-up with the folks at the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, you can contact James Solomon at[email protected].2.The3rd Annual LivableStreets Networking Night is this Tuesday, November 19, 5:30pm-8pm at The Lansdowne Pub, 9 Lansdowne St, Boston. For more info click http://www.livablestreets.info/event/3rd-annual-livablestreets-networking-night______

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Kirstie Pecci